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Image by Alexandre Van Thuan


"As a theatre educator and director, I seek to inspire my students to think beyond the ordinary, creatively influence the function and direction of drama, tell stories that enrich the lives of audience members, promote inclusivity of diverse narratives, curate personal excellence, and build an exciting professional career in the performing arts."

Shadow Show


"My primary research interest focuses on projects where collaboration is a central component: classic and contemporary musical theatre, interdisciplinary projects (in which music, dance, and theatre intersect creatively to tell a story), and the development of new works (especially those devised primarily by student ensembles)."

All Hands In

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Access

"I believe that a commitment to DEIA includes selecting readings from authors and playwrights of diverse backgrounds, sharing exercises, activities, and theories from diverse theorists and practitioners, inviting a diverse community of scholars and practitioners to our campus as guest artists, choosing performance projects with diverse and flexible casting needs, selecting and developing projects which explore themes of social justice, equity, access, diversity, and inclusion in both historical and contemporary settings, and arranging opportunities for student artists to create their own performance projects based upon their own diverse backgrounds, experiences, ideas, and perceptions.  And that's just a start."

Image by Natalie Pedigo


"I have chosen the following as important, integral steps in a successful leadership process. In my opinion, an effective leader should:
• ENGAGE the members of the team.
• ENVISION the path for moving forward.
• EMPOWER colleagues to participate in achieving all goals.
• EXECUTE...and get the job done!
• EVALUATE to recognize success and ensure continuous improvement."

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